Saturday, February 28, 2009

February at the Zoo...Part 3

And finally, this past week the kids and I met my friend Christie and her little girl Niki for a fun lunch and romp around the zoo. Africa is closed at the moment so we keep seeing the same animals over and over again. So I'll try not to be too redundant and post more kid pics this time. :-)

2 zoo 01

Niki was anxious to show off her new lunch box right there by the entrance at the river otters...

2 zoo 02

So we grabbed a table and ate before heading off to see the sea lions.

2 zoo 03

2 zoo 08

Niki was sporting some adorable braids...

2 zoo 04

2 zoo 05

I can't wait until Evey is old enough for pony tails and braids. Although, she will have to become far more tolerant. I can't even keep a barette or bow in the child's hair. In fact, here you can see that I was definitely losing the bow battle at this point...

2 zoo 06

Evey refused the stroller most of the time. She was a girl on a mission. Unfortunately that mission involved taking off in random directions at all times...

2 zoo 07

Niki & Maddox were awfully cute waiting for the carousel with their moolah...

2 zoo 09

2 zoo 10

2 zoo 11

The last carousel ride, Evey wanted off almost immediately. So we tried a bench this time. She did a little better but still wasn't 100% sure about the ride.

2 zoo 12

2 zoo 13

2 zoo 14

2 zoo 15

Feeding the deer. Again.

2 zoo 16

Apparently our persistence with the zoo this month paid off because Evey was willing to feed the deer for the first time! Though she was sure to stretch that arm as far as she could to keep an adequate distance.

2 zoo 17

2 zoo 18

Deer tongue.

2 zoo 19

Resting in the snake...

2 zoo 20

2 zoo 21

Meerkat in a window...again.

2 zoo 22

2 zoo 23

Evey took a lemonade break while Maddox and Niki explored the tree.

2 zoo 24

Favorite shot of the day...that is Niki's silhouette.

2 zoo 25

The playground...again. This one reminds me of Munch's painting The Scream.

2 zoo 26

2 zoo 27

Looks like Christie enjoyed the mirrors as well. :-)

2 zoo 28

2 zoo 29

2 zoo 30

2 zoo 31

Niki & Maddox were more interested in all of these little round painted windows than they were in the animals while we were in Asia...

2 zoo 32

Little explorers...

2 zoo 33

2 zoo 34

2 zoo 35

He can't NOT make a face when he sees a camera pointed at him.

2 zoo 36

However, Maddox was not to be outdone by Niki's freakishly long tongue! haha

2 zoo 37

Can't wait to see this from Christie's perspective...

2 zoo 38

2 zoo 39

2 zoo 40

2 zoo 41

Add to the growing list of items I can't resist photographing...tattoos.

2 zoo 42

Evey's cracker disaster. This was moments before passing out in the stroller as we headed for the exit.

2 zoo 43

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