Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweets for the Sweet

Yesterday, Maddox & Evey both helped me make cupcakes in honor of Valentine's Day. We also made a little heart shaped cake for Jay that I forgot to photograph. Oops. Oh well. After dinner, I grabbed a few pics of the kids sampling their delicious treats.

cupcakes 01

Evey actually eats faster than Maddox (aka the slowest eater on the planet) so she was the first to get a cupcake.

cupcakes 02

cupcakes 03

cupcakes 04

About 30 minutes later (seriously) Maddox was finally ready for his cupcake.

cupcakes 05

cupcakes 06

The cupcake disappeared a lot faster than his dinner. And the sugar kicked in immediately. ;-)

cupcakes 07


1 comment:

sarah g said...

Maybe it's an oldest child thing... Jonathan takes 45 minutes to an hour to finish his meal at times. It borders on ridiculous.