Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun in the February

The kids and I have been enjoying the occasional break in the winter weather, heading outside every chance we get. On one of these recent amazing 60 degree days, I grabbed my camera as we headed out to frolic in the backyard.

It was warm but quite windy...
Play day 01

Play day 02

My silly boy...

Play day 05

Play day 04

Evey mainly enjoyed playing with sticks and digging in the dirt.

Play day 03

Play day 06

Play day 07

Play day 08

Play day 09

Play day 10

Play day 11

Play day 12

Funny face...

Play day 13

Play day 14

A rare still moment. Maddox zoning out...

Play day 15

Maddox spent most of the time running around the yard shooting at me with an empty water gun. Oh, and throwing imaginary bombs which he would pull from his pocket. Pocket bombs. I'm not sure how this happened. I hate did I end up with a child like this?

Play day 24

Oh so serious for a millisecond...

Play day 16

Play day 17

Play day 18

Cash had a wonderful time as well. We threw the ball for him and even gave him some treats.

Play day 19

Maddox liked giving the treats...

Play day 20

Check this out! Awwww...

Play day 21

I think Evey was concerned that this was actually a choke hold and broke free...

Play day 22

Play day 23


Rebecca Gomez said...

Play date 09 is my favorite, what a sweet smile. Love it.

Click Photography Owner said...

MY GOSH! Evey's hair has gotten long and super cute! I wish my hair looked like that.