Thursday, February 26, 2009

February at the Zoo...Part 1

Well, the blog is about to be inundated with zoo photos! Somehow we made it to the zoo three times this month. With these unseasonably warm days popping up here and there...the zoo becomes a desirable location. :-)

So here are some of my favorites from the first February trip to the zoo. On this particular day, it was just me and the kids so I only brought along my point & shoot. However, I think it did a pretty decent job...

This was early February - pre-haircut...

zoo 05

zoo 01

zoo 02

zoo 03

Evey was scared of the deer (on this particular trip) but Maddox was happy to feed them.

zoo 04

I really like this one...

zoo 06

Maddox at the top of the tree (with random child)...

zoo 07

zoo 08

zoo 09

zoo 10

I'm in a picture!

zoo 11

I love kid's always entertaining to hear what they have to say to one another.

zoo 12

Maddox wanted a picture with the dragon because he was wearing his dragon hoodie...

zoo 13

A couple of artsy fartsy pics...

zoo 14

zoo 15

zoo 16

The kiddos...

zoo 17

I love the kangaroos...

zoo 18

zoo 19

zoo 20

My cute boy...

zoo 21

I thought this grass was pretty...

zoo 22 that is the first installment of zoo pics! More to follow...

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