Thursday, June 11, 2009

Devon...Family Portraits

Devon contacted me for some portraits with her hubby and kids before she is deployed. Her schedule is very hectic right now so we decided to go for it last night. The rain wasn't forecasted until late and the radar looked clear. Uh huh. So the minute we pull up...rain. And after they had driven an hour to get to KC! So...we found some shelter here and there and worked it out anyways! The kids had been trapped in the car for quite a while and were buzzing with energy, so we had a lot of FUN! Some of my favs...

devon 01

devon 02

I couldn't tell if they were dancing or wrestling...but they both seemed to be enjoying whatever they were doing...

devon 03

A few shots of Gabriel...

devon 06

devon 04

devon 05

Abbey cracked me up!!! Anytime she saw the camera pointed at her she would start seriously working it! Future supermodel...

devon 07

devon 08

devon 09

Snagged this shot of Devon with it!

devon 10

Mr. Grayson...

devon 11

devon 12

devon 13

And little Malcolm...

devon 14

devon 15

devon 16

Devon, Tim, and their brood...

devon 17

devon 18

devon 19

devon 20

Awesome! ;-)

devon 21

This one of the kids feels so real...goofy face, dislodged shoe, restless energy, and all...

devon 22

Devon with each of the kiddos...

devon 23

devon 24

devon 25

devon 26

Abbey and Malcolm...

devon 27

Grayson and Gabriel... :-P

devon 28

I had to grab this shot...just love it.

devon 29

One more...

devon 30

Thanks gang, for being so flexible and rolling with it. I really enjoyed our time together. :-)


Devon said...

Thank you, Sarah! We greatly appreciate your support of the military and all that you're doing for our deployed soldiers.

Click Photography Owner said...

Oh my, that is a future super model right there. SOOOOO cute! I really dig that tile wall you found. Great job improvising with the weather. Everything turned out awesome...just as it was meant to be.

Terri Hughes said...

Great job, Sarah. The unposed captures of the kids are such real moments. You can tell you really spent some time with this family and achieved some great shots.