Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jon...Family Portraits

Yesterday morning I met up with Karen & Jon to get some family shots before Jon was deployed today. Very last minute but we managed to pull it off! Karen & Jon are base neighbors with Devon & Tim! The humidity actually let up some yesterday, so it wasn't too bad at all. It was downright pleasant in the shade. :-)

The adorable family...

jon 01

The stunning Abianne...

jon 02

jon 03

The handsome Wyatt...
(What a cutey!)

jon 04

jon 05

And adorable little Gabriella...

jon 06

jon 07

Sister sandwich...

jon 08

A nice shot of Jon...

jon 09

I love this shot with Wyatt...

jon 10

We made sure to get a shot of Jon with each of the kiddos...

jon 11

jon 12

jon 13

Some wardrobe changeroo...

jon 14

jon 15

For some reason I really like this parting over-the-shoulder-glance shot...

jon 16

Too cute with the furrowed brow...

jon 17

jon 18

jon 19

jon 20

jon 21

jon 22

LOVE this one...

jon 23

jon 24

jon 25

Strong big brother!

jon 26

Too cute...

jon 27


jon 28

Abbey's fabulous dance moves...

jon 29

The fam again...

jon 30

jon 31

jon 32


jon 33

(lovely :-)

jon 34

Karen and the kiddos...

jon 35

Thanks for a fun morning shoot gang! :-)

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Karen Baker said...

Sarah, You did an amazing job!! Thank you sooooo much for working us in your schedule last minute. I love the pictures!!! I can hardly wait to show them to Abi, Wyatt and Gabriella. Jon is going to be sooo happy when he gets his book of pictures. I don't know how you decide which pictures to include since there are so many good ones. I will be talking with you soon.
Thanks again,