Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lauren + Kyle...Wedding Photography

Yesterday, Lauren and Kyle became husband and wife. The ceremony and reception took place at Stony Point Hall - the lovely farm and beautiful weather made for a perfect wedding! We were even blessed with rainbows and butterflies. ;-)

lauryle 01

lauryle 02

lauryle 04

lauryle 03

The stunning bride...

lauryle 05

lauryle 06

The handsome groom...

lauryle 07

lauryle 08

Fabulous ladies...

lauryle 09

Fabulous men...

lauryle 10

I love love LOVE first meetings...

lauryle 11

lauryle 12

lauryle 13

I had a small fit when we captured this rainbow...
Plus it was fun to tease the guys about it. Men love rainbows, right? ;-)

lauryle 14

lauryle 16


lauryle 15

lauryle 17

lauryle 18

lauryle 19

lauryle 20

Not only were the bouquets from BitterSweet Floral Designs beautiful, they were amazing at attracting butterflies!

lauryle 21

You can see a butterfly in the top photo here as well...
(bouquet on the left)

lauryle 22

Evan (Kyle's brother) and Michaela were just married last month. See how good they are at having their picture taken? I said, hey, let me get a picture of the newlyweds. They said okay, and immediately snuggled and smiled... Pros! ;-)

lauryle 23

And yet more portraits...

lauryle 24

I loved the silhouette of Lauren's gown...

lauryle 25

lauryle 26

So sweet...

lauryle 27

lauryle 28

lauryle 29

Time to get hitched...

lauryle 33

lauryle 34

lauryle 31

lauryle 30

lauryle 32

Husband and wife!

lauryle 35

We had a few minutes to goof around before making their reception entrance.
So Lauren and Kyle immediately settled into domestic bliss...

lauryle 36

If I had a nickel for every wedding where we shot with a lawnmower...I'd have 5 cents. This was definitely a first. haha

lauryle 37

lauryle 38

As for the reception, the dance floor was where it was at!
The first dance...

lauryle 40

Some nice slow dancing...

lauryle 41

Warming up, getting a little funky, having some fun...

lauryle 42

And then everyone went all Footloose. It was AWESOME!

lauryle 43

lauryle 44

So much fun! Thanks to everyone for a fantastic wedding celebration...and of course, CONGRATULATIONS to Lauren and Kyle! I wish you both the best. :-)

lauryle 39

lauryle 45


Rebecca Gomez said...

The lawnmower shots were great! So unique! #13 with the attendants lined up & couple at the end is a creative pose. Beautiful couple & wedding, love the pops of color & venue, too. Her dress is gorgeous!

Aaron & Heather said...

Great job Sarah! These are fabulous.

Click Photography Owner said...

I love the lawnmowin' on the wedding day. :) Nice ring shots too. Where did that beautiful teal wall come from? It was perfect for the background in making the colors of the flowers pop.