Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Fun

A few pics of Maddox enjoying the Halloween festivities. Here he is inspecting the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Anytime he catches a glimpse of them outside - he needs to go out and get a closer look.

He is most fascinated by the "web" that we put out in front of our house. Here he is showing it off for the camera with Grandma Nita.

Even though he knows it's not a real web - he still doesn't want to have any contact with it. I guess just to be safe. He likes to watch people come and go at our house to see if they get caught in the web. Papa got caught several times on the way to his car yesterday. I guess it really is dangerous. :-)

And here is a picture of the two of us where I don't have several chins. :-)))

And finally, here is a picture of him proudly displaying the necklace Grandma Nita gave us. It lights up! Maddox finds this to be super cool. Actually - I just asked him to describe his feelings about the necklace and he says it is "cool and stupid awesome." Stupid for Maddox is a good thing. Kind of like when bad became good. :-) I hate him using that word - but I'm trying to ignore it in hopes it will go away. Seems like the more I frowned on its use - the more he used it. As usual, everything with Maddox is a power struggle. I can't imagine where he got his stubborness.

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