Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My little photographer

Earlier today - I sent the entire uncut and unedited version of the latest installment of Maddox photos through winkflash. These are the photos taken with the camera Maddox got for his birthday. I decided to share a couple of my favorites here on the blog as well.

This one appears to have been taken while jumping on the bed - one of Maddox's favorite activites. He also loves jumping on the couch. I know - we are fantastic parents. :-) Anyways - this one makes me smile.

And this one is hilarious. I now remember walking into his room right when he was taking this photo. He was holding the camera out in front of himself taking a self portrait with a cheesy smile (not pictured - I'm sure out of artistic intent - ha) and a thumbs up. I have no idea where he learned this - but it really makes me laugh.

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