Monday, October 15, 2007

Smiles and Pumpkins

Evey is smiling much more frequently these days. It's so nice to see her cute little smile on a regular basis. Sometimes we are even surprised by a huge grin and a laugh.

Although most of her waking hours are still spent in serious contemplation of the fascinating world around her.

Last week - Maddox chose to learn about pumpkins (inspired I'm sure by our recent trip to the pumpkin patch). Here he proudly displays one of his "jack-o-lantern" projects. He is extremely excited about Halloween this year. Anytime we are in the car we are on "halloween decoration" hunt. He keeps changing his mind on the costume. He was going to be a bat...then a a skeleton. He is having the same problem with choosing a learning topic for this week. First it was going to be grasshoppers...then he said he says ghosts. The boy has inherited my indecisiveness. :-)

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