Friday, October 12, 2007

Wings of Love

Last night we went to a Wings of Love show at our local library. It was really cool - and Maddox had a great time. Here are Maddox and Evey enjoying the show...

Check out that extra chin! Evey requested a walk with PaPa shortly after the show began. She was fascinated by the lights on the ceiling. I guess the light show was better than the bird show in Evey's opinion.

There were birds that rode bicycles and jeeps; some demonstrated talents in bowling and basketball. I think just watching the birds be ornery and misbehave was actually the most entertaining part of the show. Maddox even got to pet one of the little birds. He wanted to pet Swoop the owl - but this was discouraged for obvious reasons.

Swoop is an Eagle Owl and is only 6 months old. He will have a 5 foot wingspan when full grown - and apparently eats goats and deer in his natural habitat (I believe she said Europe, Russia, and Asia). He was by far the most impressive. I will post the rest of the Wings of Love photos on winkflash at some point.

She also had an African Grey Parrot - which reminded me about the recent passing of Alex. I must admit I shed a few tears when I read about Alex's sudden and unexpected death. I have been fascinated by this bird for some time and have always wanted a bird just like him. You can see him in action in Entertaining Parrots (third video down) - a segment from a program I show in my biology classes every year.

Anyways - I recommend Wings of Love. She will have the birds at the Home Show and the American Royal - so if you plan on attending either of those events - make sure you look for these "awesome birds!"

I'm also happy to say that Maddox was just as interested in all of the books at the library as he was in the birds. It was not easy getting him to leave! He wanted PaPa to read him all the books!

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