Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mommy's Little Pumpkin...

A few days ago, we dressed Evey in her pumpkin outfit from Grandma Nita. This gave Maddox and me the giggles. Too funny...

Speaking of my little pumpkin, the poor thing got her first round of immunizations yesterday. She wailed with each shot - but recovered pretty quickly afterwards. Then about 6 hours later she became very fussy indeed. Maddox never really seemed effected too much by his shots - so I was caught off guard. Once the Tylenol kicked in - she was much better. I'm happy to say that my sweet girl seems to be feeling much better this morning - back to smiling and laughing.

And here is my scary little ghost...

This is his interpretation of a ghost when playing in our curtains. He is very excited about Halloween and all things scary (as long as it is not TOO scary). We were working on his skeleton costume last night.

Maddox story: This morning I made waffles and plated his with bananas to look like a face. When he saw my plate, he asked where my "Halloween face" was. I said, "Oh...I didn't make a face for me. You are special." He thought for a second and replied, "Yeah...and you are fragile." :-) That is what I tell him when he tries to rough house with me. He will tell you that mommy is for "hugs and cuddles" and daddy is for "beatings." Haha

Today's Halloween agenda includes making festive cupcakes and carving pumpkins. We were going to carve the pumpkins last night...but when he came in after playing outside quite a bit and receiving visits from 3 grandparents (PaPa, Grandma Nita, and Grandma Donna) he needed a snack...and apparently a nap. While snacking with droopy eyes he turned and said, "Mommy, I love you" in the drunken manner that signals sleep is but moments away. I then got a hug and after a few more bites of his snack, another hug. But this hug he wanted to give me on my lap. And then he was out. :-)


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