Thursday, November 1, 2007

Post Halloween Post

As planned...yesterday we made delicious cupcakes. After they cooled - I was in charge of icing and Maddox did the sprinkles. He takes this responsibility very seriously - so he did sample the sprinkles to make sure they were fresh.

He started off doing an excellent job - meticulously sprinkling each cupcake with an equal amount of sprinkles. However the job apparently became tedious...he ended up ditching the sprinkles all on one cupcake.

Here I think you can see the lack of consistency:

:-) They are delicious nonetheless.

Jay and Maddox carved the pumpkins. Maddox requested one good and one bad jack-o-lantern.

Then it was time for costumes and trick or treating. Maddox had insisted he wanted a skeleton mask - so I made him one. He wore it for about 5 seconds and then wanted it off and asked that I paint his face instead. I had predicted this would happen. So Jay wore the mask instead. Apparently a little kid came up to Jay while they were out and about and appeared to be frightened of him - but then walked up and hugged his legs! Too funny.

Notice that Maddox's scary skeleton face is quite similar to his scary ghost face in the previous post. ha

Maddox came back with a lot of sugary loot! Evey trick or treated to our next door neighbor's house (where she got 3 kit kats!) and posed for some pics.

Other than a bit of a costume malfunction (in addition to the last minute face painting...I had trouble getting the bones to stick and stay on the costume of a fidgety 3 year old) we had a very successful Halloween. Maddox said several times last night that he loves Halloween. He was so worn out that he was literally falling asleep in the bathtub - even trying to lay down to go to sleep in the water!

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sarah g said...

Evey's costume was just the same as Jonathan's! How funny... great minds think alike (or happen to be in the same store, buying the same costume).