Monday, November 26, 2007

The Garringers

Yesterday I met the Garringers for a photo shoot. Holly, Katie, and Michael are planning to surprise their mother with portraits for her birthday! We had a lot of fun shooting the pictures - and it was great bonding over our favorite tv shows. Apparently we all watch way too much television. :-)

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday - a little sneak peak for the Garringers.

Meet Holly...
and Michael...

I must say, Michael was a great sport. His sisters picked on him quite a bit during the shoot - but it was all for the cause. I wouldn't have gotten that shot of Michael without his sisters off camera making him laugh. So thank you Holly and Katie!

Their 2-year-old cousin Sean joined us at the Nelson in the hopes of getting a group shot with all 4 of them for their grandma.

Don't let that shot fool you. Sean ran pretty much non-stop once he arrived. All heck broke loose! :-)

Thank you Garringers for a great photo shoot - you are a very cool, fun family! ;-)

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