Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tatted Out

I scored a huge collection of temporary tattoos for Maddox. I was so excited to find them since I was almost out and Maddox does not like to go very long without a tattoo somewhere on his body! The collection claims to have more than 500 tattoos...though that includes a couple of different alphabets and some rinky dinky tats that Maddox would probably not be interested in. But still! It's a sizable collection - and most are pretty cool. I was particularly impressed with this dragon tattoo:

Admiring his tattoo:
Sticking out the gut:

Take a good look! I'm pretty sure the next time I post - Maddox will be sporting a new 'do. He has a haircut appointment on Saturday. His mop is starting to get rather unruly.

Take care!

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