Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Princess Evey

Evey is 3 months old today! Let's see, what is new with Miss Evey? She is having quite the love affair with her cute pudgy little fists these days - gnawing on a fist during most waking hours. She is sleeping great at night 98% of the time, for which I am incredibly thankful. She is starting to let out squeals and what is beginning to sound more and more like laughter. She is really a very fun and happy little girl. Oh, and she LOVES big brother Maddox. She finds him very fascinating and very funny - as we all do.

So we celebrated with the usual photo shoot for the baby book. Here are some of my favorites:

Probably my absolute favorite - I love the jowls:

And Grandma Nita dropped by to visit while we were finishing up her pictures. She brought Evey a party favor from cousin Olivia's princess birthday party. I couldn't resist...

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