Sunday, October 5, 2008

Allison & Brian...Engagement Portraits

I had a great time shooting Allison & Brian yesterday! Allison designs bridges (so cool) and Brian loves architecture - so we bonded. :-) Here are some of my sure you vote for your favorite in the comments section below. Allison & Brian get a free 8x10 of the most popular image!

#1 (Allison - this one HAD to be black & white ;-)
abe 01

abe 02

Couldn't decide between the next two so I will just have to post both...

abe 04

abe 03

abe 05

abe 06

LOVE this next one...

abe 07

abe 08

I think partly sunny/cloudy is ideal for outdoor shoots. You get the nice diffused lighting from the clouds...but you can have so much fun with the sun. These next two shots are a good example. The first was shot when we had clouds...then poof, sun and shadows. Yeah!

abe 09

abe 10

abe 11

abe 12

I about had a fit when I saw the light here. Amazing!

abe 13

abe 14

abe 15

abe 17


abe 18

abe 19

They look great all by themselves too. ;-)
A gorgeous shot of Allison...

abe 20

A handsome shot of Brian...

abe 21

Very nice...

abe 22

abe 23

I think Allison looks so cute here...

abe 25

And this series makes me happy...

abe 26

What a fantabulous couple...CONGRATULATIONS Allison & Brian! I am very much looking forward to your wedding in September. :-)

abe 24


Anonymous said...

Hey! You guys look amazing! I like all of them, but I would choose 13, 7 or 1! And if I really have to narrow it down I guess I'd pick 13. Hard to choose!

Anonymous said...

I think they turned out really well! My absolute favorites are 7, 8, 14, & 20. I guess if I HAD to choose, I'd pick 7. Wow. Great job Sarah! Thanks again for such a fun session!

Anonymous said...


clint said...

I'm a number 8 fan as well, but they all look great!

Kristen said...

Great dress Allison! I think my fav is #8!



Maggie Johnson said...

Wow-I love these pictures-Sarah where were you when Mike and I got married years ago?? I love #8-that is my absolute favorite.

Krista said...

I loved 4,7,8,13,14,15. But most I would say 8. The individual pictures of you two are amazing too. Your eyes just pop in them, so beautiful. And in the tri-picture I love Allison's facial expression behind Brian, too funny! Love you guys.

Tiffany S. said...

Def. #8!!!! Allison you looked absolutely gorgeous in this one and Brian looked very handsome! I loved all of them but my favorite is 8 and I really like 13 too! The lighting and different shapes. Awesome job! <3 yas!

Mike Johnson said...

Okay so most here said 8 I think. Well I'm gonna change it up a bit and say EIGHT! I also was impressed with 13. All were very good however. You two truly look awesome in these...make that you two just look awesome together.

Rebecca Gomez said...

#4 & #8! I'm Sarah's friend but I had to add my thoughts also.
Those red shoes are the best.
I would love to get a pair!

The Poky Parents (Allison's) said...

Gorgeous pics! You did a great job Sarah! We liked 7, 8, 13, 17, and 20. How to choose? The facial expressions in 8 are the best we think. Having read all the other comments, it looks a lot of others agree! 7 is sweet, love the architecture in 13 and the colors in 20 are fabulous.