Friday, October 31, 2008

Horror Photography

We have had a barn spider living outside our back door for a few months now. He has currently relocated directly in front of our back door which makes getting in and out tricky...but I have to admit it is quite fascinating to watch him. Don't get me wrong - I'm a complete arachnophobic when spiders are inside my home. But when they are outside...I find them very interesting and wish them no harm. Cross that threshold...and it's all over my friend. In fact, the other night I put Evey down on the floor in my office to play and a rapid wolf spider came running out from under a desk right next to her. I grabbed her and jumped up into my chair screaming. Not the most rational response - I'll be the first to admit. I do realize the spider is completely harmless. I can't explain why I react the way I do indoors only. If that had happened outdoors, I would have definitely picked her up...but minus the screaming and jumping. Perhaps therapy is in order. ;-)

Anyways! Since he has been with us so long...Maddox has decided to name him Phineas. Strangely enough...he is missing two legs. Four legs on one side, two on the other. I wonder what the story is there....
Here are a few pics of Phineas the Phriendly Arachnid. :-)

Phineas the Phriendly Arachnid 02

Busy spinning a web...

Phineas the Phriendly Arachnid 01

Phineas the Phriendly Arachnid 03

Phineas the Phriendly Arachnid 04

Phineas seemed like an appropriate post for Halloween...however, I admit these pictures are not actually scary or spooky. ;-) Not exactly "horror photography." In fact, I had no idea there was such a thing as "horror photography" until my mother showed me an article from the KC Star last week about Joshua Hoffine's work. So if you want to see some truly freaky images...check out Joshua Hoffine's website.

I'd say his spider photo is way cooler than my spider photo...


That is also the tamest photo on his website. So only check it out if you like really scary freaky stuff. I'm not kidding...some very graphic images. NOT for children and not for the squeamish. But in the spirit of Halloween...just wanted to spread the word about Joshua Hoffine's very unique body of "horror photography."


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