Monday, October 13, 2008

Dave, Molly, & Lydia...Family Portraits

This weekend was just beautiful! Perfect for a fun family portrait session. While adorable Lydia was to be the focus of our session, we wanted to get some nice shots with her parents (Dave & Molly) as well. So here is the very handsome family...

dml 01

Lydia was quite shy when it came to the camera. ;-)

dml 02

But when you are this cute, it doesn't take much to make a nice picture... :-)

dml 03

Love the furrowed brow...

dml 04

I'm predicting Lydia will be a future star of track & field. She shares my son's love of throwing sticks...but check out the form! She means business. Every throw begins with an outstretched aiming arm!

dml 05

Here is Dave giving Lydia's technique a try...

dml 06

After the stick throwing event, Lydia suggested a hopping race...

dml 07

Followed by a running race...

dml 08


dml 09

Very cute...

dml 10

Yep, more cuteness...

dml 11

Fabulous family shot...

dml 12

Turns out Lydia is quite ticklish and loves to be tickled...

dml 13

dml 14

dml 15

dml 16

Lydia helped me take this picture of her parents. Didn't she do a nice job!?

dml 17

Then when we found a big open grassy area...Lydia was really ready to have some fun! First she wanted her parents to race to her. On your mark, get set, go!

dml 18

Then Lydia wanted to race her dad...

dml 19

Followed by Lydia vs. Mom...

dml 20

Run, run, run!

dml 21

Family race!

dml 22

A quick rest...

dml 23

dml 24

Ready for more play...

dml 25

dml 26

dml 27

dml 28

dml 29

dml 30

Now that was fun! I bet Lydia crashed out for quite a nap/night's rest after all of that playing around. Thank you Dave, Molly, and Lydia - I had a wonderful time. You guys are such an awesome family - you really know how to have fun and enjoy each other. :-)

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