Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Fun

I've been so busy lately - I realized it's been awhile since I've gotten any personal posts on the blog. And by personal posts...I of course mean Maddox and Evey. So I will be adding some recent family pics to the blog - starting right now. I believe these were from early last week - right before the icky weather blew in. I just absolutely love fall, definitely my favorite season. I wanted to get some pictures of the kids playing in the leaves so we headed into the backyard to have some fun.

Maddox will be getting a haircut very soon...

fall fun 01

Evey will not be getting a haircut. I'm so happy she finally has hair! :-)

fall fun 02

Always the ornery stinker, Maddox thought it was very funny to throw leaves at me.

fall fun 03

So there was a lot of leaf throwing that day. And it went both ways. ;-)

fall fun 04

fall fun 05


fall fun 06

Maddox requested a picture with his buddy, Cash...

fall fun 07

An action shot that makes me laugh...

fall fun 08


fall fun 09

fall fun 10

Maddox shrinking me with his magic stick...
(I wasn't allowed to call it a wand...not sure why. Seemed very wandlike to me.)

fall fun 11

fall fun 12

fall fun 13

Is there a word for it - when you vibrate your lips? I don't know. But that is what Maddox was doing when I took this picture. This image cracked us both up - we had a good laugh over it. :-P

fall fun 14

So then we took more goofy pictures and laughed some more. :-)

fall fun 15

fall fun 16

fall fun 17

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