Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ashlie & Dan...Wedding

Yesterday, Dan & Ashlie became husband and wife. It was a beautiful day - there was a lot of fun and a lot of love - and we even got to watch Obama's motorcade go by! ;-)

Let's get to my favorite pictures from the wedding. The ceremony was at Redemptorist and given my love of architecture - I could probably devote an entire post to just the church. But I will have to settle for just a couple here...

ashdan 01

ashdan 02

Mom & Sis lending a hand...

ashdan 03

Ashlie was STUNNING in her beautiful dress!

ashdan 04

ashdan 05

Little flower girl, Kennedy, was pretty impressed with her own adorable dress. :-)

ashdan 06

ashdan 07

ashdan 08

ashdan 09

ashdan 10

A couple of fun groom portraits...

ashdan 11

ashdan 12

Time to get married...

ashdan 13

ashdan 14

ashdan 15

ashdan 16

ashdan 17

ashdan 18

ashdan 19

ashdan 20

A couple moments alone as husband and wife for the first time...

ashdan 22

ashdan 23

I was kind of obsessed with Ashlie's bouquet from Clara's Flowers - so it got its own little photo shoot...

ashdan 24

ashdan 25

Ashlie's bridesmaids took there job very seriously. Here they are freshening Ashlie up for portraits... ;-)

ashdan 26

Sweet flower girl, Kaitlyn, just being cute...

ashdan 27

The lovely ladies...

ashdan 28

When I told the boys how fantastic the girls were doing, things got a little competitive...

ashdan 29

Ashlie is a tad ornery. She tugged on Allison a little like she was pulling her into the fountain and got a pretty good squeal out of her. :-P

ashdan 30

Super Phil reporting for picture duty...

ashdan 31

A couple of groom details - Dan's Outward Bound pin and fabulous socks...

ashdan 32

ashdan 33

Couple Time!

ashdan 34

ashdan 35

ashdan 36

ashdan 37

ashdan 38

A perfect example of what I love about Ashlie & Dan. I asked them to walk towards me...which they did briefly before breaking out into a silly sprint! They are too cute.

ashdan 39

If I had to sum up Ashlie & Dan's relationship in two words it would be laughter...

ashdan 40

and romance...

ashdan 41

This post is becoming the longest blog post in history so I best wrap things up quickly. The reception at Drexel Hall was fabulous...

ashdan 42

First dance...

ashdan 43

A couple of ring shots...

ashdan 44

ashdan 45

Congratulations again Ashlie & Dan! You two are so much fun to be around. As gorgeous a pair as you are...your outer beauty pales in comparison to what shines from within. :-)


Ashlie said...

Sarah! These photos are absolutely beautiful! Even better than I had imagined. I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of them! Thanks so much for capturing our wedding so wonderfully!
Ashlie and Dan

Anonymous said...

I like #35.