Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tori & Kevin...Wedding

We have been lucking out lately with the weather...for my weddings that is. We will have icky weather all week long and then *poof* a beautiful day appears just in time for the wedding day! Thank you Mother Nature! :-)

Tori & Kevin were the lucky recipients of yesterday's gorgeous weather. Here are some highlights from their special day...

Some of the ceremony details...

tk 02

They were wed at Advent Lutheran Church in Olathe.

tk 01

Kevin looking quite dapper...

tk 03

I was a little obsessed with Kevin's the wire! And I'm always a fan of fun groom socks. :-)

tk 04

I like how super tough Adam & Wes look here...

tk 05

And how quite silly they look here... :-)

tk 06

Tori looking fabulous...

tk 07

tk 08

tk 09

tk 10

tk 11

tk 12

This is Shelly (the matron of honor) with her daughter Aylea. Aylea was a rather shy and reserved flower girl...I had no idea what was to come at the reception. So more on Aylea later. ;-)

tk 13

Jessica making her entrance...

tk 14

And Tori making her entrance (with dad and brother on each arm)...

tk 15

tk 40

They said "I do" and kissed... :-)

tk 16

Kevin & Tori rented a Bentley and boy, did I have fun with this car! :-)

tk 17

tk 18

It was a short walk to the car, so Tori & Kevin were showered with a whole lotta birdseed all at once. :-P

tk 19

Tori & Kevin made a brief stop at Heritage Park for some pictures. The sun was setting - it was absolutely stunning light.

More Bentley fun...

tk 20

tk 21

tk 22

tk 23

tk 24

tk 25

tk 27

My first ever bouquet/wheel shot... :-)
(The gorgeous flowers were created by Jennifer's Flowers & Events)

tk 28

Then it was off to St. Andrew's Golf Club for the reception. Tori & Kevin love coffee and had a coffee bar set up for their guests to enjoy. They also offered some coffee beans as wedding favors. Very cool...

tk 29

The highlight of the reception had to be the dance floor. This crowd knew how to get down!

Showing off some fancy moves...

tk 31

Tori having fun with some of her students...

tk 32

tk 33


tk 34

While everyone had a fabulous time...the kids definitely owned that dance floor...

tk 39

And no one threw down more than little Aylea. She had me in stitches all night. On the dance floor that girl has zero inhibition. And Mark the DJ kept her going with lots of great music. I'm afraid my still shots don't quite do her justice, but here you go...

tk 35

tk 36

tk 37

I have never seen anyone of any age attack a dance floor with such reckless abandon. Well, with the exception of these two gentlemen who so sweetly joined Aylea on the dance floor at one point when she had been left to dance alone. Not that an empty dance floor was stopping her - but she definitely seemed to appreciate the company... :-)

tk 38

Thank you Aylea and guests for a fun reception!

And of course, the ring shot... :-)

tk 30

CONGRATULATIONS Tori & Kevin! You two compliment each other so well, truly a fantastic match. I hope you have a fantastic time on your super cool honeymoon!


Click Photography Owner said...

Lovely surprise. :) What a great idea with the coffee bar and bean favors! I'm addicted to coffee...wish I had been a guest.

Everything looked amazing, great job capturing it!

Rebecca Gomez said...

Whoa! Beautiful couple and unique wedding. Loved the flowers, the bentley and coffee, lovely personal touches. I'm sure it was a joy to photograph.
Well done Sarah!