Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aaaargh Baby!

Halloween came early at our house for little Evey.

Jay and Maddox had been playing pirate over the weekend and at one point Jay plopped a pirate hat on Evey's head and handed her a sword. She seemed very comfortable with it - it was quite funny. But I didn't have time to play right yesterday things had finally settled down and we dressed our little doll up like a pirate and took some pictures.

First Maddox dressed her like a "cabin girl"...

web pirate 08

web pirate 07

Then I dressed her as a pirate...

web pirate 01

Complete with sword and sash...

web pirate 03

web pirate 05

web pirate 04

web pirate 06

Evey really liked the sash. She seemed fascinated with the shiny fabric and especially the fringe on the ends.

web pirate 09

web pirate 10

Maddox initially refused all photos...but when I told him our photo albums were going to be full of Evey and there would be no pictures of him...he allowed me one or two. Seems like these days he likes to flash this rather crazed maniacal grin...

web pirate 02

I am planning on trying to get some better pictures of him this week...I'm thinking bribery will be involved. ;-)

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