Thursday, March 13, 2008

Soakin' It Up

Sorry for the little blog hiatus - it's been a crazy week. And I know I just recently posted some pics of Maddox playing on his swingset...but it was soooooo nice yesterday and it is still new and exciting to us. So here are a few more.

We were playing pirate ship and Maddox was of course the captain. Cashy was the shark in the waters below. I was a crew member on the ship and was often forced to swim the shark infested waters and throw a tennis ball for the shark to retrieve.

So here is the Captain Maddox...

web fun 02

web fun 06

Here he is pondering the next plot twist in our little pirate game...

web fun 03

If this isn't an ornery look I don't know what is...

web fun 01

Then in the evening he had to help Jay with a little "man work" on the old 67 Chevy pickup...

web fun 04

web fun 05

It was a busy day for the little man!

Today is Evey's doctor's appointment. Anybody want to guess a weight?

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Rebecca Gomez said...

The pondering pic makes me laugh. He's a little evil genius!