Monday, March 17, 2008

Bad Blogger

Things have been a little crazy lately! I'm hoping to get caught up by tomorrow and then should be back to blogging a little more regularly. I have something fun planned for be sure to check back in a day or two for that!

Let's see...what's new?

Oh - Jay killed a really disturbing insect that was buzzing around in the bathroom a couple nights ago. It was about 10-15mm long, color was orangey red with large transparent wings. As Jay was catching it in the tissue a stinger came out the rear and was trying to bend up and sting him. Not that I blame it...but it still gives me the heeby jeebies. Can someone please tell me what this thing is?! Ick.

web bug

Jay is planning on selling the old truck. Anybody want to renovate a '67 Chevy pickup? This is very difficult for poor Jay. He wants to do it himself but this has been on the agenda for over 5 years and he just can't find the time. Between work, the kids, and home time for the truck. So he is finally willing to part with it. :-(

Evey is really becoming quite active. She sits up very well now and will reach for me as I go to pick her up. Awwww.... She LOVES anything with buttons - goes crazy for remotes and keyboards. I've learned that a keyboard is full of shortcuts. She pounds on the keys and crazy things happen and then I have to find a way to get things back to the way they were. She also finds it necessary to help get a spoon full of food into her mouth. She will kind of grab the actual spoon part with the food and cram that and her fingers into her mouth. I let her help at one sitting and she had peas everywhere...up the nose, in her hair, all over her clothes, the highchair. So now I am really trying to block her little hands from "helping."

web sit

So that's the random Rimel news for today.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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ashley & jeremy parsons said...

what a beautiful little baby you have!!