Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grandma Easter Part 2

Evey had a wardrobe change prior to going to Grandma Donna's house for Easter dinner. Here is her stylin' little dress...

web e2 10

Luckily we had the matching cardigan since it was so cold! And she is also sporting her very first hair bow!

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Grandma Donna watching the kids play...

web e2 07

Maddox having a fabulous time with his cousins...

web e2 06

Evey was enjoying her favorite toy these days...

web e2 05

But also really enjoyed the tissue paper that came in her gift from Aunt Chris...

web e2 04

Then it was time for yet another egg hunt. Egg hunts are Maddox's favorite part of Easter...even more than the candy. We start off the day with an egg hunt at our house, followed by an egg hunt at each Grandma's house. I really regret that I did not run out and get pictures of Grandpa Lee hiding these eggs! He did it so fast...I bet it would have been entertaining to watch! But I did snag a few of Maddox as he roamed the yard in search of eggs...

web e2 02

web e2 03

web e2 01

Okay...that completes our Easter recap in an eggshell. ;-)
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as well!

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Andrea said...

Evey has the most beautiful blue eyes!
Not to mention Maddox's shy little smile. :-D