Sunday, March 2, 2008

Punk'd by Mother Nature

Beautiful weekend! While it is rather windy, I will gladly take the wind when the temperature is in the upper 60's and lower 70's. Sweet mercy! I was rather sad to see that the forecast for tomorrow is a high of 30 and up to 2 inches of snow. What?! My initial reaction was that Mother Nature was quite cruel to do such a thing to us. However, upon further reflection I am trying to think positive and be grateful for this winter interlude...however brief.

So we got out in the backyard for the first time in ages to enjoy the weather. Maddox spent some time working very hard in the sandbox. Lots of concentration involved...

web play 13

Cash was lovin' the time outdoors and was thrilled to destroy yet another tennis ball...

web play 02

Then it was time for the swingset...

web play 11

First some wall climbing...

web play 01


web play 12

Maddox invited me up so that he could be my waiter. He served me lemonade and cotton candy...interesting restaurant. Maddox is a fantastic server! He said I just needed to let him know if there was anything else he could get for me. Very polished. So we hung out in the "tree" house restaurant for awhile.

web play 10

web play 06

When I did ask for certain items he usually had to leave the restaurant and go on a run to pick up my requests.

web play 09

web play 14

Then he would climb up the ladder and deliver the requested item. With a smile. ;-)

web play 08

web play 07

We had a lot of fun! And check out little miss thing...

web play 05

web play 03

web play 04

Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend as well!

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Andrea said...

You are such an amazing photographer... *My Idol*!!!

Anyway, I want to meet them both, they are both very adorable children with very different personalities! I love kids! I haven't seen anybody under the age of 17 or so for so long!