Friday, February 29, 2008

May the Force Be With You

Jay has decided to begin showing Maddox the Star Wars films. He started last week with Episode IV and tonight's movie night was The Empire Strikes Back.

web star wars 01

Last week after watching the first film Maddox was yelling in his sleep that he wanted a "man dress." I think he means the robe-like thing that Obe-Wan wears. I enjoy his interpretation of the robe as a man dress. And his strong desire to have one. Pretty funny for sleep talk.

Maddox is definitely fascinated by the movies.

web star wars 02

web star wars 03

web star wars 04

While Maddox couldn't take his eyes off of the tv screen, little Evey couldn't take her eyes off of Maddox and his yummy looking popcorn!

web star wars 05

Have a great weekend!

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