Monday, February 11, 2008

On a Roll

So last Thursday Evey decided to prove me wrong by rolling from her belly to her back immediately after I said she couldn't. Twice. And then stopped rolling. Well, today she decided to roll from her back to her belly! The first time took some serious work...but she perservered. Then this afternoon I left her laying on a blanket on her bedroom floor to go help Maddox get ready for his martial arts class. When I came back...she was not where I left her. The poor baby was sprawled on the hard wood floor pretty far from the blanket. I'm pretty sure she must have done a complete roll from back to belly to back again. She seems to reach milestones without for all I know she got up and ran around her room on two legs...dropping to the floor as she heard me approach. Just kidding! But I'm still pretty amazed with her.

web roll 02

web roll 01

Evey is just blossoming every day. She really becomes engaged with her toys now...though she is still pretty sure they all belong in her mouth at least some of the time. Anyways - here are a few pics from last night when she was playing with her favorite little fuzzy crinkly book.

web roll 03

web roll 04

web roll 05

Maddox was already in bed at this point. He got home from an evening at Grandma Donna's and was out. I carried him to bed after a quick pic of his silly sleeping position on the couch.

web sleep 01

Happy Monday!

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