Friday, February 8, 2008

I Stand Corrected

Yesterday - a wonderful lady from Parents as Teachers stopped by to visit about the kids. She gave me some great ideas to try! Anyways - she asked if Evey was rolling over and I replied "not yet." I then put her down on her stomach and she flipped over onto her back within a couple of seconds. I figured it was a complete fluke so I picked her up and laid her on her stomach again. And over she went almost immediately. What's the deal!? I'm amazed at this point because she hasn't really even come close to achieving this before. So I put her back on her stomach a third time and there she stayed. And she has not rolled over since. I think Evey just wanted to prove me wrong! :-) So I guess I stand corrected. Evey can roll over if she really wants to do so.

We did get her balanced today on Maddox's bed and she sat all by herself for a good couple of minutes. Very neat. Time sure does fly...she's growing up so fast!

A couple more pics from the other night:

web evey 02

web evey 01

And a quick shot of Mad Max doing some crazy maneuver leaping off the couch:

web mad max

He's a ball of energy and a laugh riot...I enjoy him. ;-)

I am so excited because my friend Stephanie is coming for a visit tomorrow! Yeah!
Plus I will post contest pics tomorrow. What a great day!

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