Saturday, February 16, 2008


We dusted off Maddox's old jumperoo...and Evey is quite pleased with it. She seems pretty happy to just chill in it. She hasn't really started jumping around at all yet. Maddox was a mad man...he was in the jumperoo before his feet touched the floor. We stacked a couple of big books underneath and he would bounce all around in the thing. Of course he would lock his legs and try to stand practically since birth. Evey is just concerned with being upright at all times. She hates lying down now unless she is sleeping. She is even sitting by herself for several minutes at a time...but eventually tips over. And then lays there in a permanent crunch (legs and head up) until you help her sit back up. Here she is enjoying her favorite new toy.

web jump 06

web jump 05

web jump 04

web jump 07

The lip biting amuses me...

web jump 03

web jump 02

She is having some saliva containment issues these may or may not be able to see in this photo...

web jump 01

I actually got some pictures of Maddox - I'll try to post them tomorrow!

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