Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Toes, Tongue, and Eyeball

I am kind of obsessed with Evey's feet. When she was born her toes were really long and she could spread them all apart...we called them monkey toes. Now her feet are pudgy but still delicate and danty. She still turns her feet inward and puts them together with toes curled. get the idea. So the other day I took some pics of her feet as she was working them all around and here is a collage of my favorites.

web toes

Evey recently discovered her tongue and has spent many evenings with her tongue out at all times. Pretty funny. So a couple nights ago I was trying to get some pictures of her...and I got a lot of tongue!

web tongues 05

Here we have full extension...

web tongues 03

The tongue just darts out when you least expect it!

web tongues 02

But I did manage a couple of shots with no tongue.

web tongues 04

I love the expression in this one...

web tongues 01

I tried to get some pictures of Maddox but he was not interested in being photographed that particular evening. He begrudgingly allowed me to photograph a bracelet he was playing with and I tried to get him instead...all I got was eyeball. Oh well.

web eyeball 01

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