Thursday, December 27, 2007


Evey is 4 months old today! What a sweet baby - I just love her to bits! She's doing everything in her power to get mobile. She wants to be sitting up and/or moving around as much as possible. We are helping her practice her standing - she's getting quite good. The latest development is probably her adorable little giggle - and I think Maddox makes her laugh more than anyone. No shocker there.
Here are some pics of my little chunky monkey from her photo shoot today.
Definitely a little extra skin and padding in places.
But I'm not worried. Maddox was huge through his first year and then slimmed down and stopped growing quite so fast. And it's not like the girl doesn't work out! Here she is doing her crunches...
(Probably my favorite shot from today...)
And still - more crunches! Looks like she's starting to form a bit of a 6-pack there! ;-)
One more shot of my lovely little Evey.

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