Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Mad Man

I figured it was time for a Maddox post. Currently - he is obsessed with his Star Wars potato heads. He has them lined up in his room on the floor - and periodically has to go check to make sure they are still set up properly.
I gave him some Santa potato head accessories - so now Santa is part of the Star Wars posse. He also has a pirate, a fire fighter, and an Easter bunny. Maybe I will get him to set all of them up and pose with the whole crew!

Maddox has also had a renewed interest in spiderman lately. Here he is playing with his beloved web/dart blaster.

It's difficult to get photographs of him lately. He generally only wants his picture taken while he is in character as a monster or in this case spiderman...oh so serious.

Or when he is making goofy silly faces...

But I did manage to sneak in a couple of shots after making him laugh. Victory!

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