Friday, December 7, 2007

Snowball Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddox has been begging to go out and play in the snow so today we got bundled up and headed out for some fun in the cold. I think Cash enjoyed the play time more than Maddox! In fact, Cash played so hard that he literally puked.

Cash was a maniac running around in the snow with his gnarly tennis ball. (Tennis balls have been Cash's toy of choice since he was a puppy - and now at 7 years of age he has decided they are tasty treats as well. He likes to eat them all of a sudden. So we have stopped giving him tennis balls - but apparently there were remnants of one that he managed to find.) He almost took Maddox out several times and was scolded to settle down.

Maddox also had a fabulous time. He trekked all over the yard...

...and would periodically yell in a booming voice, "SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!" - then start frenetically winging snow at me.

He was thrilled to hit me anywhere with the snow - but especially liked aiming for the camera.

I thought he was awfully cute all bundled up in his spiderman coat - which he got from Santa last Christmas. Santa had the foresight to buy a large coat since it was rather expensive at Dillards. ;-)

So while Maddox and Cash played around - I engaged in my favorite snow time activity: trying to create abstract images. It's interesting to me - how different things look when blanketed with snow. Here are a few photos that I enjoy for one reason or another - be it abstract or really just a matter of perspective I suppose.

My favorite:

We had a great time in the snow. But I for one am happy to be back inside where it is toasty and warm. :-)

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