Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dear Santa,

Today we headed out into the snow (it's back!) to go see Santa at a Christmas Party through Jay's work.

There were tons of decorations...

And there were tons of refreshments! Maddox enjoyed a delicious chocolate chip cookie and a Hershey's kiss.

There were clowns making balloon shapes for the kids. They looked the part but I think they could have done more to sell it! Like maybe they could have smiled.

Here is Maddox with his balloon "sword." Interesting, yes?

Evey looking festive in one of her Christmas tops from Aunt Chris.

Her latest "thing" is chewing on her bottom lip. Or I suppose gumming on her bottom lip.

Santa was adorable! Love it! Here he is with a random child.

Why a random child? Because Maddox did NOT want to see Santa. He would barely look at him even from a distance. We offered several times and he was quite adamant that he would not be talking to Santa. I suggested we call Santa on the phone - that was shot down as well. He would only agree to writing Santa a letter. So in lieu of posting his picture with Santa - here is his letter to Santa. I simply dictated as I was told:

He wanted Evey's request on a different page.

He also directed what pictures were to be drawn where. I did suggest the wreath when he asked for a third Christmas tree. And each time I drew a star on the tree (as requested) he told me it looked like it had a banana in it and I had to fix it. I guess I need to work on my star drawing skills.

So the letter is now sealed, addressed, and ready for the mail!

Ho Ho Ho!

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