Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday HipHopper

Yesterday was Dylan's birthday - and since he didn't really provide any gift ideas - Maddox got to select his present. Maddox found a Holiday HipHopper that dances to the tune of "In 'Da Club." Too funny!

Even funnier was watching Maddox lip sync while it played. "Go...go...go..." He actually managed to learn most of the lyrics in the few days we had this at our house before giving it to Uncle Dylan. (The lyrics on the Holiday HipHopper are limited and not inappropriate for a child - just in case you are wondering....:-) Maddox played it enough times (especially in the store - which drew a lot of attention from fellow shoppers I might add) I felt obligated to provide additional batteries! And the absolute funniest - when Maddox doesn't know the words - he just flaps his mouth open and shut.

Anyways - Happy Birthday Dylan! Here he is with his Holiday HipHopper (AKA his mini-me).

And here he is with his birthday cake.

I need to talk about this cake. Mary made this cake - a pumpkin flavored "gooey butter" cake. It was topped with whipped cream. Apparently "gooey butter" cakes were born out of St. Louis. Who knew?! Anyways - I thought it was quite delicious!!! And I'm sure this amazing cake had an amazing calorie count to go right along with it. Oh well!

Blowing out all 27 candles...
Oops - make that 26. The one that got away....

Hopefully Dylan will still get his birthday wish - even though he missed one! ;-)

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