Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quite Random

It has been awhile since I posted so I figured I would get one more in before Christmas. Things have been pretty busy lately - and they will only get busier the next few days as we make our rounds to visit the family. I have been working hard lately on business stuff - some major changes coming for Sarah Rimel Photography in the New Year. Plus Maddox came down with a cold on Wednesday - Jay had it by Friday - and I came down with it yesterday. We have all been totally healthy until now! I suppose we had a good run. So since I don't really have anything specific to post about - I'll just post a bunch of pictures I've finally gotten around to looking at from this month.

One week - we focused on "feelings" for Maddox's learning book. I was trying to get him to pose for pictures expressing various emotions so we could print them and paste them in the book we are building. He had other ideas - that pretty much involved running around the room and looking out the window at who knows what.
Finally out of desperation - I asked him to check and see if there was a monkey in my camera. So he had a good look...
Are you sure? You didn't see any monkeys???
Your absolutely positive. There are no monkeys whatsoever in this camera?
Hee hee.

Evey is doing great. She is quite happy and "talkative." I suppose "noisy" would be another way to describe that. Lots of grunts, growls, squeals, etc. She has learned lately that her fingers are not only tasty - but quite fascinating to look at and play with.
Big beautiful eyes - right side up and upside down.
We are looking forward to "Baby's First Christmas" and happy to report that Evey is nice and not naughty...yet.
Maddox enjoys untying Evey's curtain straps. He asks me to tie them - and then instructs me to ask him how he feels about that. To which he responds by maniacally untying them again. This is a series of him playing in her room with said straps - and just making a bunch of faces. He is a pretty expressive kid - I enjoy it.

Done with pictures.
Another day - another goofy face.

Now I'm thinking I may have gone overboard with the pics. Oh well. Nothing new there. ;-)
Merry Christmas to all!

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