Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Evey in the Grass

Evey has had some experience with grass so far this spring and she loves it. So I grabbed the camera and plopped her down on a spot of nice green grass so she could have a real up-close and personal encounter with the stuff. She had a fabulous time! Although there was a constant battle over the issue of eating the grass. While she did manage a taste or two - I did prevent any grass from actually being consumed. ;-)

She kept squealing...

grass 02

and then trying to have a little munch...

grass 01

When I would tell her "NO" and stop her from eating the grass, she would smile and laugh like it was all just a game...

grass 03

Fist full of grass...

grass 05

Funny face...

grass 06

That's a big head! ;-)

grass 12

grass 08

Grass is just so delightful!

grass 04

Cute cheeks...

grass 07

grass 10

Fabulous light...

grass 11

Good times!

grass 09

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