Friday, June 6, 2008

More Fun at the Zoo

We enjoyed another fabulous trip to the zoo yesterday. This time we headed for Africa. Here's Maddox waiting on the zebra tram...

jzoo 03

I like this picture because I was getting a hug...even if it is only my arm. ;-)

jzoo 02

I'm seeing a lot of this tight-lipped smile lately...

jzoo 01

Beautiful cheetah...

jzoo 04

Not so beautiful warthog... ;-)

jzoo 05

Lucky timing - I caught this leopard with his tongue hanging out...

jzoo 06

I caught Evey with her tongue hanging out too! ;-)

jzoo 09

Lovely Duiker...

jzoo 07

Very punk rock hairdos...

jzoo 08

And then...we came across the gorillas. MY FAVORITE! And yesterday was such a treat! Normally the gorilla is alone and laying in the grass asleep everytime I visit. This time...there were two gorillas and they were up and around for about 5 minutes. We even saw one gorilla charge the other - very impressive. I have always loved gorillas. I find them endlessly I was beyond thrilled to get some great pics of these beautiful creatures yesterday.

jzoo 10

jzoo 11

Look at his chest!!!!!! I can't imagine the power...

jzoo 12

I even enjoy them from this side... ;-)

jzoo 13

Look at the face on this guy!

jzoo 14

Another favorite...the HUGE turtles. Super cool.

jzoo 15

Always enjoy the cute meerkats...

jzoo 16

Good things come in threes...

jzoo 17

jzoo 18

And ones...

jzoo 19

jzoo 20

The new zebra baby...

jzoo 21

I also enjoy the babboons...

jzoo 22

jzoo 23

jzoo 24

jzoo 25

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