Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Popsicles in the Park

Last night we headed out to enjoy "Popsicles in the Park" at George Owens Nature Park. In addition to popsicles and a puppet show, we got to see Dino O'Dell perform! Dino O'Dell is actually Kevin Dolan who happens to be friends with my dad. In fact, my dad is one of the musicians on the Dino O'Dell Grandpa O'Dell and the alien named Zar. It's great kids music! My son was obsessed with "Itty Bitty Monsters" for awhile. My favorite is a song called "Rock'n'Roll Star."

Anyways...back to the park! When we first arrived Maddox and his cousin Hunter had a fabulous time playing on the rocks. Of course, climbing on rocks is one of Maddox's absolute favorite things to do. Ranks right up there with throwing sticks into water.

pitp 01

pitp 02

Lots of jumping!

pitp 03

Hunter got some serious air on this one!

pitp 04

Then Dino O'Dell started Hunter and Maddox ran off to grab a spot on the grass.

pitp 05

pitp 07

pitp 06

Evey bopped some to the music but spent a great deal of time exploring the little card given to her by PaPa. Fascinating little card!

pitp 08

Hunter needed a great deal of space for his particular style of dancing. So he took off for an opening in an adjacent field and Maddox followed. Lots of cool moves from the two of them!

pitp 10

I would describe Maddox's dance style as kung fu meets breakdancing. ;-) I was thrilled to catch this shot of Maddox's raddest dance move! He has been working on this for some time and is getting quite good... :-)

pitp 09

Oh, in between dancing there was also lots of running.

pitp 11

PaPa got Evey out of the stroller to dance with her a bit. Here she is dancing with Mary a little...

pitp 12

Nature baby exploring the tree bark with her hands...

pitp 13

And toes...

pitp 14

Hunter was very anxious for the popsicle portion of the evening. Here he is when the anticipated moment finally came!

pitp 15

Maddox is the strangest child in the universe in that he does not like ice cream and doesn't care much for popsicles. I think he just doesn't like cold stuff. He also does not like ice cubes. Anyways...he did better than I expected.

pitp 16

Evey watching the boys enjoy their popsicles...

pitp 22

Popsicles taste even better when you are perched on a large rock watching a puppet show of Little Red Riding Hood...

pitp 23

Evey joined the boys on the big rock...

pitp 25

More nature toes...

pitp 24

And since Maddox didn't finish his popsicle she got a little taste or two...

pitp 21

pitp 20

After the popsicles and puppets it was time to go...

pitp 19

Hunter and Maddox raced up the trail...

pitp 18

Before hugging goodbye in the parking lot. ;-)

pitp 17

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