Monday, June 2, 2008

Child Portraits...Julian

Allow me to introduce adorable little Julian...

julian 01

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Julian yesterday at Loose Park for a portrait session.

julian 02

I learned quite a few things about Julian during our time together! First of all, Julian loves to run. A lot!

julian 04

julian 05

julian 06

julian 07

I have more but I think you get the point. ;-) Future long distance runner! Oh, and I LOVE his Chuck Taylors! Too cute. Julian also is quite fond of something called "the claw"...look out!

julian 03

We followed Julian to the playground where he spent a great deal of time sliding. I think sliding may rival his love for running. ;-)

julian 10

julian 09

julian 13

Taking a little break...

julian 11

julian 12

Julian then stumbled upon some creepy crawlies and decided to hang out and poke at them with sticks for awhile. I wish I could say that no ants were harmed during the photo shoot...but I'm afraid there were some casualities.

julian 14

At this point Julian was rather hot and sweaty, so we headed off in search of water.

julian 15

Instead we found a cool place to play with another one of Julian's favorite things...trains!

julian 20

A nice smooth sidewalk with a great slope to it...perfect for chasing runaway trains!

julian 17

julian 16

And finally, I couldn't decide on which of these close-ups to in my typical indecisive fashion...I will post both. ;-)

Beautiful eyes...

julian 18

Adorable expression...

julian 19

Thank you Julian...for a wonderful time at the park!

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