Sunday, June 29, 2008

Evey Turned Ten...

...months old on Friday! Still not really cruising yet. She loves to be standing, loves to hold onto someone and walk, but otherwise utilizes a split and drag technique for mobility. She gets one leg in front of her, the other leg behind her (that's the "split" part) and then leans forward, firmly plants both hands on the floor, and drags herself forward. Good upper body workout! Evey just gets cuter and more fun to hang around with every day! Her personality is really starting to shine through.

So we did the monthly baby book shoot...this time we headed outside for a change.

10 mth 01

10 mth 02

Sweet and normal one second...

10 mth 03

Silly and crazy the next...

10 mth 04

10 mth 05

Our neighbor Barb happened to be outside and was cooing at Evey from the Evey really started hamming it up.

10 mth 06

My sweet girl is pretty chunky all over, but I'm still fascinated by her cute, dainty little head.

10 mth 07

Maddox was running around playing while I took Evey's pics.

10 mth 08

He decided to crash the photo shoot and give Evey some big brother lovin'...

10 mth 09


10 mth 10

Maddox tends to get carried away and give Evey a little too much lovin' sometimes. Luckily Evey didn't seem to mind his bear hug! ;-)

10 mth 11

I love this one...especially since we are cutting his hair in a couple of days. I love his hair long...but it's getting out of control! Plus he sweats a lot and I'm sure he would feel cooler with a shorter hairdo. So a nice pic of him before the hair gets chopped off...

10 mth 12

Then Evey started eating the grass and the photo shoot came to a close.

10 mth 13

After we got her dressed we played in the yard a while longer - it was such a beautiful day! I may post some more pics later this week if I get a chance. Another busy week ahead....

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