Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rachel & Justin...Family Celebration

Rachel & Justin were high school sweethearts in Phoenix before heading to college together in Chicago, where they currently reside and were recently married. They just returned from their trip to Italy! Very nice! Yesterday, they gathered with some of their family here in the Kansas City area to celebrate their newlywedhood. (If that's not a word, it should be. ;-)

They met at the beautiful Hawthorn House Bed & Breakfast in Independence...

rbjs 01

I was fascinated by the address. 1. I don't believe I have ever seen an address quite so simple before.

rbjs 02

It was a gorgeous day - quite pleasant in the shade. Rachel decorated the tables with some beautiful peonies.

rbjs 03

It turns out that Rachel & Justin have been together all these years...and yet they don't really have any pictures of the two of them! So we snuck off for a few minutes to grab some portraits of just the two of them...

rbjs 10

rbjs 11

LOVE this one...

rbjs 12

rbjs 13

rbjs 14

And the rest of the time I just hung out with the family, documenting the afternoon as guests arrived and mingled.

rbjs 04

Rachel's brother Forrest spent some time playing video games...

rbjs 05

All of the kids were so cute! Two of the younger ones found some strawberries and enjoyed showing them off...

Cody showing me a strawberry (though I thought Cody was more interesting ;-)

rbjs 07

And Leah with her strawberry...

rbjs 06

For some reason I can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures. It may borderline on OCD. I have quite a collection. ;-)

rbjs 08

Forrest definitely enjoyed hanging out with (and behind ;-) Tanner...

rbjs 09

I can understand why - that Tanner was a pretty entertaining guy!

rbjs 24

Another great Forrest moment...some sort of covert cracker eating. He was running around with crackers, hiding behind tables and trees. ??? :-)

rbjs 16

rbjs 15

Cody also enjoyed hiding behind trees. Popular childhood activity I suppose.

rbjs 18

Speaking of childhood...this shot brings back memories. I was always barefoot when I was a kid. When and why do we stop with the barefeet? I guess that's why I love flip flops so much. It's the next best thing. :-)

rbjs 17

Rachel with the parental units...

rbjs 28

rbjs 29

I sincerely thought this couple was either engaged or newlyweds. Turns out they have been married 10 years! I love that!

rbjs 27

Here they are with a couple that are newlyweds!

rbjs 26

rbjs 25

I spent a lot of time with Cody and Leah - we became pretty good pals. Thus there are gazillions of photos of the two of them. They enjoyed seeing their pictures on my LCD. So I had a tough time picking a select few for the blog!

rbjs 19

rbjs 20

rbjs 21

So cute!
Mackenzie was a little more shy...but I snuck a couple here and there.

rbjs 22

rbjs 23

There are so many other great pics from the day but this post is already quite long! So I will stop for now and just say...
Congratulations Rachel & Justin!

rbjs 30

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