Friday, June 13, 2008

Look Who's Standing...

Evey is beginning to develop and change so quickly now! Likes include dancing, clapping, waving, the great outdoors, dunking her face in her bathwater (that's an odd one), books (I'm convinced she is trying to say the word book...;-), Sesame Street characters...and STANDING. She wants to be standing at all times. I can't wait for her to walk! People tell me I'm crazy because once they are walking they are getting into everything. But she's a big big girl...and my back is tired of helping her stand and walk! I remember when Maddox started was a huge sense of relief to not be walking around bent over anymore!

So here is the big girl (proudly) standing in her crib...

evey 03

Standing in her crib puts her at a convenient height for chewing on the crib rail.

evey 02

However, the real reason for this post is to share Evey's latest stats. We had her 9 month doctor appointment today (we're a couple of weeks behind schedule)...Evey weighs 24lb, 6oz and measures 29 1/4 inches. She got a clean bill of health! Yeah! And no shots this time! Double yeah!

evey 01

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