Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Lee!

Yesterday was my step-dad's birthday. We celebrated with a barbeque and some yummy cake and ice cream. Here is the birthday boy...

lee 10

Lee is difficult to photograph because as soon as he sees the camera he starts you have to time your picture taking for when his mouth is closed and might sort of look like a smile. ;-)
Dan manned the barbeque with Lee's assistance. I like Lee's teeth technique for opening our veggie burger packages...

lee 11

The non-veggie burgers...

lee 09

My cute little mama setting up some outdoor seating so that the kids could dine alfresco...

lee 12

Connor has developed an interest in Indiana Jones...hence the chest baring shirt. He has a very loose tooth barely hanging in there...

lee 04

Connor & Maddox played quite a bit in the backyard. Here they are examining bugs they found on the compost bin...

lee 05

Connor brought his Indiana Jones weaponry as well...Maddox got to play with the gun. Joy.

lee 08

Wild man...

lee 06

I think he is cuter without the gun...

lee 07

So while I'm outside hanging with the boys, I hear my mom yelling from the backdoor to come take a picture of Evey with beer. Huh?

lee 02

By the time I got there she was already slurring her words. ;-)

lee 03

Happy Birthday Lee!

lee 01

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